E-book The Great Liberation

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A Course In Miracles is a spiritual path that leads you to awakening step by step. “The Course” teaches you to discern the ego in your thinking, and as a result you can make a radical, 180-degree turn in your perception. This changeover from fear to love – the miracle – helps you leave the ego behind completely in the end. You are not the separated false self you thought you were. The awareness of oneness returns.

The Great Liberation treats the theoretical foundation of A Course in Miracles in a way that makes it readily accessible to all. In a clear and engaging manner, Margot Krikhaar describes the Course as a non-dualistic teaching that has both a metaphysical level and a practical level. She sheds light on several major themes that run through the Course in their context and interdependence—our reality in God, the myth of the ego, the illusory origins of the world of time and space, and the world and the body as seemingly separate entities. The dynamics of the ego are also explored in depth, as is the Holy Spirit’s path of forgiveness. Finally, the book deals with various misconceptions and pitfalls that can arise if the basic principles of the Course are disregarded.

An understanding of the metaphysics, the philosophical foundation of A Course In Miracles, is necessary in order to be able to successfully apply its practical path of forgiveness. But theory and practice cannot be separated. In perusing this book, the reader becomes engaged with the practice of forgiveness, which unmasks and exposes the illusory roots of what we call our existence and our self and reveals them to be a dream. This book provides an excellent basis for learning to practice forgiveness in a more thoroughgoing fashion.

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